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The sales process in Spain can be perceived as more complicated and take a little longer time than in your homecountry. To knowing what to expect and to be prepared is therefore the first step to a successful sale.

The next step is your choice of broker. It is important to examine the broker’s opportunities to find potential buyers, the broker’s expertise and commitment to defending the client’s interests.

Ask about broker competence, how the broker markets their homes, in which language areas they are marketed, which websites they use, etc.

At Skandinaviska Mäklarhuset, we always offer a complete marketing plan where we have the greatest focus on you as a customer, and we will always keep you informed and updated throughout the process. To simplify for you as a seller, we have compiled a sales guide that you can get by just contacting us.

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The Process

Four steps to sell your property!


The first step for a succesful sale is to prepare all the necessary documents, to make a valuation of the property and to sign an assignment contract with your broker.


We take high quality photos and market your home in several marketplaces in Spain,Sweden, Norway and England.

Viewing & Contract

We show your property to potential buyers. After a successful bidding, we write the purchase contracts.

Signing of the deed

After the purchase contract, we prepare for the signing of the deed that takes place at the Notarius Publicus at the agreed date.

Questions & Answers


Which countries do you market to?

Our main target group is Sweden, Norway, England and Spain. We also have plans to market ourselves to several European countries shortly.

Who determines the sales price?

During our first meeting we go through your general expectations on your sale and also the price that you believe is correct. We at Skandinaviska Mäklarhuset have a good knowledge of the market prices in our areas and together we always agrees on a suitable price of your property.

Why do you request so much documentation?

We ask for the documentation we need to be able to market the home in the best possible way. Our buyers expect clear and honest information about the home, which then creates an advantage for you as a seller. Moreover, it becomes a faster and smoother sales process without much risk of regret if everything is in order from the beginning.

Do you work with exclusivity?

Yes, we work with exclusivity where we see that there is either a wish from us or from the customer. At exclusivity, we develop a unique marketing plan for the home with a strategy that is suitable for the assignment. More information about the details will we tell in our first meeting.

Why do I have to sign an assignment contract?

Yes, according to law, we can not bring and show your house for anyone without a clear approval from the you as the owner. Through an agreement it is therefore clear to both parties what the conditions are for our collaboration and prevent any future misunderstandings.

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